Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

InvoiceMagician.com stores your information on its servers solely for the purpose of providing functionality within the app. The services and features on InvoiceMagician.com are provided "as is" with no expressed or implied warranties. By using InvoiceMagician.com, you agree not to hold its owner liable for any consequential or incidental damages.

We place no restrictions on how you use invoices generated from our service. The service itself, including the use of the InvoiceMagician name, invoice template, domain names, and other distinctive brand features, are protected by copyright and other laws: InvoiceMagician.com. All rights reserved. You may not duplicate, copy, or reuse any portion of the code (HTML/CSS/Javascript) or use visual design elements without permission.

Privacy Policy

Your data stored on our servers is used exclusively to provide you with the necessary functionality of the app, and we do not sell or share this data with any third parties. By using InvoiceMagician.com, you acknowledge and agree to the storage and use of your data for the sole purpose of enabling the features and functions of the app.